Rules of Engagement
Private View Friday 24th June 6pm-9pm
Exhibition Continues 25th June – 24th July

Julia Crabtree & William Evans
Timothy Ivison & Julia Tcharfas
Maria Theodoraki with John Smith
Maria Theodoraki with Jamie George

An exhibition which explores the nature of collaboration through three varying practices.

In the spirit of the continued collaboration between Angus-Hughes Gallery and curators/collectives/projects/artists, the gesamtkunstwerk* project presents an exhibition which explores the nature of collaboration through three varying practices. The two collaborative pairs will be exhibiting contrasting installations, whilst the third practice of Theodoraki explores different modes of working together—with places, objects and other people, artists, or curators.

Also presented in this collaborative exhibition is the TOTAL ART BOX. This box, which has roots in the ‘Fluxbox’ ‘s from the Fluxus movement, contains the work of artists involved in the project. In a box which has been custom designed and constructed by Surya Buck, the contents of this first edition of 50 will be displayed in the gallery.

*The gesamtkunstwerk project brings together international artists, musicians, writers, photographers, filmmakers, and curators that will journey across the United States in 2012, putting on exhibitions, gigs, talks and events. From the west to east coast the project in itself will be a total artwork. The term gesamtkunstwerk has been appropriated here, using its literal translation total artwork, for the purpose of describing this group of artists and their actions. From 2010 a series of exhibitions, events, gigs and talks are being presented in the UK to raise the profile of the event and it’s purpose to promote international exchange across multiple disciplines.

Curated by Corinne Mynatt for gesamtkunstwerk 2012. / 07931 439 942

Poster image: By the principle of eternal progression in which there is an endlessly creative unfoldment manifested successively in potentially countless forms, 2010. By Tim Ivison and Julia Tcharfas

Installation View:

Individual Works:

All photographs by Nancy Elser and Iavor Lubomirov