Painter's Mate

The first of three shows curated by Lee Maelzer
19th February –13th March 2011

Painters’ Mate brings together seven disparate female painters in an investigation of the male in all his guises: partner, lover, husband, public figure, nemesis, sex object or combinations thereof. Awash with contradictions, jumbled images of past and present lovers mix with cool visions of distance and denial. Fantasies manifest with self-referential lusciousness or metaphorical detachment, while others are infused with humour and absurdity. Ultimately celebratory in tone, there are inescapable ambiguities explored in this exhibition. Sometimes explicit, sometimes spectacularly oblique, these artists express desire and tenderness, subjugation and fear.

Sophie Aston
Alyson Helyer
Lee Maelzer
Yuko Nasu
Miho Sato
Claude Vergez
Jo Wilmot