City Hobgoblins

The second of three shows curated by Lee Maelzer.
18 March - 10 April 2011

City Hobgoblins, from the Fall song of the same name, features seven London artists whose work deals in some way with reality slippage.

Whilst being loosely figurative and working in a variety of media, the common thread is the sort of distortions that occur in dreams and nightmares, from drugs or religious visitations.

Anamorphic, inverted, truncated and shredded images that refer to the head and body. Human/animal hybrids appear in drawings and sculpture, relentless painted close-ups of wounds and photographic reflections, like double-takes, that make you question your peripheral vision.

This exhibition explores the angels and demons that can be released when you allow your senses enough freedom.

Darren Coffield
Oona Grimes
Tabitha Knight
Lisa Ivory
Paul Munn
Matthew Stradling
Julian Wakeling