Acoustic Sessions

A performance event curated by SHIFT.

Staged by Joe Watling.

12th of August 6-9pm only

Artists confirmed so far:

fred and angus
nicholas bates
ruth beale
helen benigson
darren callow
patrick coyle
bex gamble
eirini kartsaki
calum kerr = calum f. kerr
daniel lehan
leah lovett
robert luzar
kate mahony
joanna mccormick
jordan mckenzie
jenny moore
frog morris
owen g. parry
holly slingsby
mr solo

Press Release:


THE EMPTY GALLERY INTERVIEWS is a series of live conversations staged with exhibitors ahead of their exhibitions. Set inside empty galleries across London, and further afield, art writer Claire Nichols stages informal interviews that make public the anticipatory dialogue that exists between the exhibitor and the exhibition space. Talking with each artist or curator about their upcoming show, the Interviews offer an insight into the methodology that informs the exhibitor’s response to the gallery space; tracing their evolving relationship to the space in the lead up to installing the work. Putting into practice a vocal ordering of the visual, the Interviews consider what it might mean to perform or translate the artist’s or curator’s response to the gallery site. Initiated in 2009 by Claire Nichols and Altair Roelants, the series is ongoing and probes the rituals associated with making, exhibiting and viewing within a host of different gallery spaces.

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